Insurance Claims

At Bedrock Contracting, we believe in the value of hard work and respect for every customer. The job is not finished until the customer is completely satisfied. We carry this commitment forward with our dedication to keeping up to date with the latest advancements in roofing technology. We do this by continually training our staff on all new materials, roofing systems, safety procedures, and roofing techniques to ensure your roof not only looks great but exceeds all industry standards of quality.

We are catastrophe specialists.

If insurance will pay for the damage, we can usually fix it for their cost – minus any deductible. If there is a discrepancy between our estimate and theirs (which is common), don’t worry: we are prepared to step in and negotiate. We believe customers shouldn’t have to go to battle to restore their precious property back to working condition. Let us take on that job for you.

What we do for our customers

  • Assess the damage to your structure
  • Explain how the insurance claims process works with your insurance company
  • Explain all of the insurance paperwork and our estimate so you clearly understand
  • Check to make sure your insurance company is compensating you appropriately for your damage
  • Assign you a project manager: They will be your contact. They will supervise the crew, perform inspections, keep you informed at every step, and answer any of your questions.
  • Leave your property the way it was before we started: Our installation crews will install each roofing system to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications and regional codes.
  • Take quality control seriously: Your project manager will conduct a final inspection, ensuring the highest quality of work has been performed before you are invoiced.

We will help you with the insurance claim process:

  1. We will perform a 12 point inspection of your structure.
  2. If damage is found, we will assist you in filing a claim with your insurance company.
  3. Once you file a claim, we will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure all damage to your property is addressed from the beginning.
  4. If the adjuster approves the claim, he will provide you with an estimate.
  5. We will explain the estimate in detail, discuss your options for replacement products, and sign a contract with you.
  6. Once the first check has arrived and the material has been chosen, we will order your material, and the job will begin.
  7. The roof project should take 1-2 days, depending on the size, steepness, and height of your roof.
  8. All other work will be performed after the completion of the roof.
  9. Once all of the work is completed, we will send our insurance company a final invoice that will allow the insurance company to release the final payment.
  10. We will not ask to be paid in full until the final payment comes in from the insurance company.