Residential Roof Types


If you have sustained storm damage, we can repair or replace a roof in Texas, Oklahoma City, or anywhere in the region.

Bedrock Contracting, Inc. services and installs a variety of roofing systems. Our commitment to quality allows us to provide long-term warranties backed by leading manufacturers in the industry. Our company does not employ the one-size-fits-all practice of recommending the same type of roof assembly to all projects we encounter. Each installation is unique to fit within varying client’s needs. Don’t know what your needs are? Rest Assured Bedrock Contracting, Inc. will take you through our process to eliminate the confusion, which will enable you to make the right decision.

Our Roofing Options

Your roof not only protects your largest investment – your home or building – it also contributes to the value of your home. Bedrock Contracting has the materials and expertise for a range of roof replacements in a full line of color options including:

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Solar Shield Plywood – offers an aluminum radiant barrier on OSB to reduce heating and cooling losses through the attic.

Impact Resistant Shingles – specially constructed shingles that are guaranteed to withstand 2 inch hail impact for a lifetime, thereby reducing the need to unnecessarily use additional energy and resources to replace the roof.