Commerical Roofing: Coatings, Metal, Modified, Insulation

Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are a very good option for those looking to repair or extend the life of a roof for minimal cost. Especially on low slope roofs, coatings increase reflectivity and have a life of 5-10 years. Coatings can be applied to many different roofing systems to increase roof life and protect against UV and weathering. Bedrock Contracting Roofing is certified to install these major brands of roof coatings: Lucas, U.S. Ply, and Soprema.


Metal roofing systems are a option for strength and visual appeal, and can last up to 50 years or more. We offer a large variety of metal roofing options in different gauges, colors, finishes, and metal types, so you will find a solution that is both functional and efficient. Available finishes include galvanized, galvalume, pre-finished steel, pre-finished aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel, and rusting steel. Metal roofing systems have recently seen an increase in popularity due to a variety of reasons. Metal systems are durable, lightweight, visually customizable, and a great way to brand your business. Whether you’re looking for form or function, metal roofing systems can provide many options to meet your needs. Bedrock Contracting installs these major brands of metal roofing systems: Una-clad, Quality Metals, Peterson, and Berridge. As one of the leading suppliers of architectural products to the construction industry, we offer a variety of sustainable, dependable and environmentally friendly metal roofing system options. Available in a wide range of applied finishes and materials, metal roofs allow for maximum design freedom, while providing long-term peace of mind.

UNA-Edge Metal Edge System

The UNA-Edge™ Metal Edge System includes three edge securement products: Coping System, GravelStop System and DripEdge System – all of which meet the International Building Code (IBC) compliance for edge-metal flashings. The system includes simple and straightforward architectural sheet metal detailing, with no spring clips, extruded components or crimped edges, for ease of installation and labor cost savings. Also, the UNA-Edge System is compliant with the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standard (Wind Design Standard for Edge Systems Used with Low-Slope Roofing Systems), FM 4435 tested and is eligible for Red Shield™ Warranty coverage up to 20 years.

Modified / Built Up Roofs

Built-Up roofing systems (BUR), or “tar and gravel” roofs have been in use for over 100 years. These systems utilize different layers and surface membranes to create a finished membrane. BUR systems can use asphalt, coal tar or adhesive as a primary membrane, and aggregate, glass fiber, or hot asphalt as the surface layer membrane. Bedrock Contracting is a installer of the major brands of built up roofing systems: Firestone, Derbigum, U.S. Ply, Tamko, Soprema, and Certain Teed

BUR Systems

We offers Ply IV (4) and Ply VI (6) asphalt impregnated, glass fiber mat reinforced roofing felts that can installed in multiple layers with a flood coat and aggregate or used in combination with modified bitumen. The Ply IV (4) and Ply VI (6) felts provide superior durability and ease of application to construct Firestone Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Systems.

Roofing Insulation

Roof insulation can have a large impact on the performance of any roofing system. We recommend that you properly insulate your roofing system. This will offset energy costs and provide a great return on investment.  Bedrock Contracting will work with your budget to determine the best insulation options for your needs.

ISO 95+™ GL Insulation

Firestone ISO 95+ GL™  insulation offers high-energy efficiency through the highest R-value ratings per inch versus other insulation materials. Compatible with all types of commercial roofing systems, the lightweight, easy-to-handle insulation is especially suited for direct application on FM approved and UL classified steel roof deck assemblies.

Tapered ISO 95+

When a substrate slope will not permit efficient drainage, Firestone tapered ISO 95+ polyiso insulation provides an effective and economical solution. Properly installed tapered ISO 95+ polyiso insulation can extend the life of the roof assembly by eliminating problems associated with ponded water.

RESISTA™ Polyiso Insulation Board

Manufactured with a heavy-duty, double-coated, non-organic glass facer, Firestone RESISTA™ polyiso insulation board is compatible with all fully-adhered and mechanically attached single-ply, cold-applied and self-adhered modified bitumen membranes.


Firestone Building Products’ thermally-efficient Wood Fiberboard and ISOGARD™ HD Composite feature a factory-controlled laminated overlay board for modified bitumen, BUR and single-ply applications. With its nailable oriented strand board (OSB) surface and thermally efficient polyiso insulation HailGard™ composite insulation is suitable for use with single-ply or asphalt membranes, metal roofing and shingles. HailGard insulation may be used as a component to achieve a Platinum-PHW Warranty, protecting against accidental puncture, hail up to two inches in diameter and 100 mph winds.