The 5 Worst Texas Storms of All Time

The 5 Worst Texas Storms of All Time

It’s no secret that this great state of ours is known to have some crazy storms. Sometimes mother nature likes to throw a wrench into the mix and hit us with a real doozy. If you’ve lived here for any amount of time there is a good chance you have experienced a few of these. Check out Bedrock Contracting’s 5 worst Texas storms of all time.

The worst of the worst

  1. worst texas weatherGreat Galveston Hurricane- Some time ago the City of Galveston use to be the economic powerhouse of Texas. That is until the Great Galveston Hurricane essential wiped out the city in 1900. Leaving this once glittering gem of Texas in ruins. The city has never fully recovered some 116 years later.
  2. 1995 Mayfest Hailstorm- It was supposed to be a day just like any other until disaster struck. Right in the middle of Fort Worth’s annual Mayfest festival the weather decided to take a turn for the worst. Raining down hail the size of softballs killing 13 people, injuring at least 100, and causing some $2 Billion in damage.
  3. Downtown Terror- Most North Texas residents probably remember this tornado vividly. On March 28, 2000, an F3 tornado tore right through the heart of Cowtown causing at least $500 million in damage and devastating the infamous Bank One tower.
  4. Terrible Tuesday- On April 10, 1979, one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the state of Texas pummeled the city of Wichita Falls when an F4 tornado caused mayhem throughout the entire city. With a total of 42 deaths and an estimated $500 million dollars of damage, this is one of the worst storms to ever hit the North Texas area.
  5. A Night to Remember- Here in the Metroplex we get horrible weather all the time. The most recent to make the list is the frightening hailstorm that ripped through the Metroplex on the night of March 23, 2016. This storm beat the DFW area with hail all night and morning racking up damages in the amount of $700 million.

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